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What is REALLY considered as Late Delivery?

Hello dears!

I am a bit confused about late deliveries. I would like to understand what is really considered as late delivery and that will affect your stats.

  • When delivery has passed the deadline, but the buyer requests a revision. I notice the countdown restarts, sometimes with just 1 hour, but one time it re-started with 24h. Other times on the countdown there was indicated “LATE”. Will that affect your stats even if your first delivery was on time? And why does it restart with different delivery times again? Is the buyer that chooses that?

  • When the order has passed the deadline, but you and the buyer agree on an extension of delivery time and you deliver the complete order after the request of extension has been approved. Does that affect your stats? Is that considered as late delivery?

Can someone clarify these points to me? Thank you!


As long as you deliver the initial order by the time it is due, it will NOT be considered late.

If you let the due date/time pass, then deliver, it will be late.

If you let the due date/time pass and it goes beyond 24 hours, the delivery is considered “Very Late” and this is when the order can be automatically cancelled and you get a 1star.

If you need more time to deliver/work on an order and you and the client come to an agreement ONLY through the Resolution Center to extend the delivery date, your order will NOT be considered late.

Even if the client does not see your request to extend the delivery date and comes in AFTER the due date but then agrees to your request, it will NOT be considered late if you deliver by the new due date.



Thank you so much!

But what if I request an extension after the due time pass? And the buyer accepts it? Is that considered late?

I am asking because these days I didn’t deliver any order late, but when I go to the “orders” section, there’s the message appearing:

I was thinking maybe it was of one order, that I delivered punctually, but for which the buyer requested a revision after a day? Is that possible?

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No. If the buyer accepts your request to extend the delivery (and you deliver by that time OR extend with an agreement through the Resolution Center again), your stats are NOT impacted. As said before, if you use the Resolution Center even AFTER a Gig is due and the client agrees to extend delivery, it should NOT affect your on time delivery. At least, that is what I have experienced. I have had to extend deliveries, and the client has not come back to check their account, and they see the request AFTER the delivery date and the LATE red letters are on the Gig - as soon as they agree to extend it (again ONLY through the Resolution Center) the RED letters go away and it is not considered late. Yeah, that message will turn up IF your Gig runs past the due date/time. But, again, if you get an extension, you should be OK. If you have not delivered anything late, your stats should be at 100%.


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OK! Thank you so much for the info. So it is the first delivery that counts, if that’s sent before the due time/day, what happens after that will not be counted as late and will not affect the starts, right?

Now it’s clear. Hopefully the message appearing is just a bug. :sweat_smile:

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It will NOT affect your stats as long as you go through the Resolution Center to extend the delivery date and your buyer AGREES to extend the date.

There have been some newbies here who have extended the delivery through the message or chat box and then get all up in arms because their stats are now “messed up” even when the buyer agreed to wait. ALWAYS use the Resolution Center if you have a problem with an order. ALWAYS!!!

Ignore the message - that is just there to give you advice if you find yourself continuously late or extending delivery dates.


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