What is "repeat buyer "


I have been few months with fiverr, So i have seen "Repeat Buyer " Badges on most of buyers. What exactly means by “Repeat Buyer”?


A buyer who previously bought from you and after a while decided to buy again.


But some first time buyers have that badge too


Quite often, as soon as someone buys from me, they get the “repeat buyer” icon, even though it’s their first time.

I guess it’s a bug.


may be , i was thinking it too


I think it indicates that buyer is not new to Fiverr, not to you. I also see a badge near some guys “top buyer” and many of them are first buyers for me. They are the top buyers from Fiverr. So that badges give a message to me like this: “This person spends money here, be kind and try to make some more money from them” :slight_smile:

Actually, these badges are similar to Level 2 or Top Seller badges. Same message to buyers says: “This person does a lot here, be smart and buy more gigs from them.” :slight_smile: