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What is Repeated buyer?: Repeated buyers Blood Bone for Freelancers


Hi, Today I am gonna share you a wonderful and Grabbing heart words
Reapeated buyers are the blood and bones for Freelancer:
What is Repeated buyer means?
It means that the buyer which buy something before and now wants to buy more,Same service or Different but he/she think you could do that work.

Okay so now lets dicuss about Grabbing heart word means to discuss some benefits of the repeated buyers which we cannot get from other Buyers.

  1. The repeated buyer will have trust on your work and you, And this thing make you superior.
  2. This type of Buyers will want to connect with you and take suggestions and work from you.
  3. Always recommend you to their fellows and promote you to buy specific type of service from you. Free Advertisement :grinning::grinning:.
  4. It is saying that 70 to 85% people purchase things which other told them (Family member, neighbors or Friends) and remainig follow the Advertisement on different people. So if someone promote you in his Area this is the result of that promotion that your services will soon promote to more people
  5. The Buyer will pay you more if you will demand because Buyers also repect to their loyal seller too.
  6. Their are some other benefits too of Loyal or Repeated customers, such as Reviews will be going up, more Repeated customer will keep you busy and you don’t need to send buyer requests etc, Due to high reviews and earning you will soon get high levels.

You can add some other benefits of Repeated buyers below.


Thats a good suggesition


Thank you very much mate


I have no idea what you’re saying in your OP.


just explained for those who don’t know what is the Repeated customer?
. In business we have studied this. and now in fiverr we are doing in practice.


I think it may be the descriptions you’ve used which are unfamiliar?

Have you used some sort of spinning software which has made the text lose its meaning?

blood bone = life blood?
grabbing heart words = I really have no idea?

We can all understand that repeat buyers are important, maybe you could rewrite it so it makes more sense? :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t know the exact number but over half of my buyers come back again and again, sometimes for years.

They know I really do what I say I will do and give perfect service. They also are happy to spend more for each order.

If you sellers are not getting repeat business you are not doing something right. And you are losing the bulk of your earning potential. There are many times the only orders I get are from repeat buyers.

When a buyer finds a seller they like they are very loyal. They love to come back to a seller they know they can trust. Make sure every client is happy and delighted and you will always have a steady income.

And it’s great to get messages saying that they tried others in your section and were not happy, but they are glad they found you and will no longer be searching for any other sellers. They are very grateful.


**It must be blood bone because in sleeping days they will help you to earn some Dollars. You can disagree with my point of you but you can not reject it. **


What is blood bone?

What are sleeping days?

I’m not saying I disagree with you or not, I simply don’t understand the words you’re using. :frowning_face:

Can you please phrase it differently so we can understand it better?


Thanks for share,


Garden fertilizer consisting of dried animal blood mixed with bonemeal.
‘after flowering, feed with blood and bone’



Ah - a load of fertilizer - thank you @nikavoice :slightly_smiling_face::wink:


It would be good to see when they contact us before order. I see that badges after I deliver an order to them.