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What is response rate based on?



My response rate has finally climbed up to 95%, but it’s fluctuated since I joined (in November I think). I’m a bit confused- we already have the response time stat (mine is an hour), so what is response rate based on? I’ve definitely responded to every single person who’s messaged me, and yet my response rate was in the 80s for a while. Does the response have to be within a certain time frame for it to count? Or is it possible people messaged me and then deleted the message? This is confusing!


Response time is the time within which you respond to a message in your Fiverr inbox.

Response rate is the % of new messages from a first time (new) client that you’ve successfully responded to within 24 hours. If you do not respond to the first (new) message from a first time client within 24 hours, your response rate % will drop.

I don’t think there is a way (in Fiverr’s inbox) for someone to delete a message after it has already been sent.

I hope that clears your doubts. Good luck! :snowflake:


In fact, it could be possible if it was a flagged spam message, in which case, it can be deleted by Fiverr even before you come to see it and, of course, much less to answer it.

If @joyh97 continues to see a drop in the RR even if no messages are unread or replied late, then it will be good to contact CS.


Yes, you’re right. However, there will be a notification saying that the message is spam and that it has been automatically flagged by Fiverr or whatever. My point was that there is no way a message sent by someone could vanish into thin air without you knowing about it :slight_smile: I think this is what the OP was concerned about… as was evident from this post:

yep! :+1:


Nope, there won’t be any notification and, of course, no message at all. It happened to me recently after joining Fiverr and my rate went down in a wink of an eye. I had no messages in my Inbox while my dashboard said I had 1 unread message. It happened to be from a seller Level2 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not even CS could see it and they did refresh my account twice. I don’t recall exactly the time, but when it finally appeared, it happened to be lying there, silently on my Inbox, without anybody knowing. Needless to say that once it showed up at last, I replied and politely excused myself to this user for my delay responding her, told her what happened and the fact that I had to contact CS. I have never heard of her again :joy:

CS did restore my rate and I was very happy for them doing so :smiley:

Add: AJ, I have just corrected my error :wink:


Hmm, that’s very strange indeed.

Yes… The few times that I’ve received spam, it was just silently lying there in the spam folder, too. And I could not even see what the message said (see the screenshot attached below). However, whenever I received a spam message, there was always a number beside the place where it says “All Conversations” (on the top right-hand side of the inbox) and there was always this notification saying:

“We suspect this message might be spam. This will not affect your response rate. You can always unmark as spam.”

Here’s a screenshot:

I have never gotten a spam message without the following notification, though:

“We suspect this message might be spam. It will not affect your response rate. You can always unmark as spam.”

So, in my experience so far, even when I received a spam message… and even when it was silently sitting in my inbox… and even when the message was just blank… there was always this notification saying that “the message might be spam… bla… bla… bla…”

I am not saying this is what others experience, too. There’s no doubt that your experience was definitely a strange one. However, maybe what you experienced was just a bug that’s not wide-spread to the vast majority of Fiverr users… idk :man_shrugging: :slight_smile:

I’m glad it worked out for you. :blush: I’ve had to do that (CS having to reset my response rate after receiving spam) a few times, too.


In that time, I had the old Inbox so, maybe now, things are easier. Also, not only me but CS staff couldn’t see the message. Simply put: there was no message :flushed: I used to call it the “ghost message” because the dashboard said I had 1 but it didn’t exist :joy:

A very strange one, indeed :joy: and the bug… a huge one to have been able to fool CS :rofl:

BTW, thanks for the PR :wink: I’ll edit right away !!!


There’s always the possibility of … :bug:

For Joy: 8 Top Response Rate and Time Secrets You Won’t Believe!

(link just leads to the Response Rate and Time FAQ, no worries :wink: )


Thanks everyone for the replies and help!