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What is Response time in Fiverr

In my fiverr mobile app responsime time shown as red and it remains as 13 hours.What does it means?


Please read.
The response rate will decrease as you reply to the next buyers. So try to respond quickly.

Dear vtoptvm2018,
Thank you for your question. Fiverr response time calculated using how much late first replies of anyone message.
Like a buyer search your gig. Then he messages you. If it’s his/her first message to you then how much time to respond to his/her first message. It’s the response time.

But the normal conversion will not count for response time.
I think you understand.


Hello @vtoptvm2018

That doesn’t mean remain 13 hours. Fiverr say you that you average response time to client is about 13 hours, after client send message to you.