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What is send me a quote?

Hello everyone,
most often my client tell me in the message that send me a quote.
what is actually quote and what the clients mean saying send me a quote?


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Check this out:


It means they want you to send them the price, how much will it cost?

You should put the exact thing they will get, and the amount it will cost them.


thanks a lot for your reply. thanks again

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client just want me to send a price through message or client want to send him a custom offer? which one?

Thanks a lot for your reply

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As a result, once the buyer accepts your Custom Offer, the order will start automatically.

Send a custom offer as copied (above) from the article I gave you.

thanks for your suggestion but my question is client says send me a quote means he just want to know the price or he want to send him a custom offer as the article showing

You put all the details including the price in the custom offer. See the article I gave you, and what @misscrystal advised.

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thanks a lot for making me clear this matter.wish you all the best and a very good day.thanks again.

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