What is showing first, recommended or best selling section?


I am trying to narrow down the problem with my gigs not being shown where they will get the usual number of orders. January and February was outstanding for me.

This month is bad and next month is shaping up to be even worse.

I think my gigs show up in “recommended” but not in “best selling” which is the first thing people see. I am thinking most people will not bother to click on “recommended” to see my gigs.

So if anyone wants to tell me how visible my gigs are, and where they are it would be appreciated. They show up in different places depending on what browser I use.

These are my orders since February 1.


If I type “spells” you are on the first page about half way down in both Relevance and Best Selling.


I have searched using “love spell” keyword. You are in the middle of the 2nd row when sorted by relevance and in the 3rd row when sorted by best selling. I guess you are being recommended yet.


I see that you are prominent in “Recommended” (three Gigs in the first row of the first page).
You are in the first page of “Best Selling” only with the filter “Top Rated Seller”.
Without filter, I see two of your Gigs in second page.


Do you guys see Best Selling section first? Or Recommended first?


I saw Relevance first.


Does it say recommended, or relevance?


Relevance. There is no Recommended.


When I was getting more orders, my gigs were on the first page top row, which was
“Best Selling” and now they have been moved to “Recommended”, which probably no one clicks on.


So you are in UK and are seeing something completely different as far as the page titles go.


2 of your gigs are on the first row. Seems very good! (I typed “Spell” in the search bar)


Do you see the Relevance page first? Or is it after the Best Selling page? Did you have to click on anything before getting to the page with my gigs?


Seems to be. But it used to show Recommended before it changed to Relevance some months back. As long as you are on the first page they will see it no matter which is the default.

I just searched for “spells”.


I didn’t click on anything.
Another of your gig is on the last row of the 1st page.


Apparently in Europe you see something different from what is shown in the US.


If I just enter “spells” in the search box I am redirected to “Relevance”.
If I select the category “Astrology and Reading” I am redirected to “Best Selling”.
It seems that there are two criteria.


“Best Selling” gets more orders than the “Recommended” or “Relevance” in my experience:-)


One day I find my gig on the first page but another day I can’t find it why?and I add available option but when I search my gig I see it’s not available.:disappointed_relieved:


hi, there are no “recommended” filter & only available “Relevance” and “Best Selling”. default filter is “Relevance” so if u search something in fiverr search, first u can see search results under “Relevance” filter. thanks…


I searched ‘Spell’ and in Relevance, 2 gigs were showing on 1st and 2nd row.
When I switched to ‘Best selling’, 1 gigs was in the 1st row, 2 others on 8th and last row.