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What is social media kit? Please help me 😥

What is social media kit? Buyer ask me for social media kit?
I think it’s 3D design that’s use on social sites?

Please reply me fast.


A social media kit is where you create material for social media (i.e graphics that would fit into a facebook post or instagram story etc.). The designs are custom tailored to each part of social media!

Hope this helps!


socail media kit means to delivers the work according to the standard sizes and dimensions of the social media platforms…it may be profile pic,cover art .thumbnails etc .


You offer social media kits in 2 of your packages, but don’t even know what it is?


Besides the fact that googling it wouldn’t take you more than 1 minute and you could easily found out what it is the thing you are selling, don’t you think your client can be here on Fiverr forum?

And see you struggling with the basic things?

One has to wonder what you’ve been doing in those “over 7 years experience”. :slightly_smiling_face:


I like your point. Bcuz I’m here for 4 years. But I’ve missed many things.

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Can’s stop laughing at this… Lol:rofl:

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