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What is Solution for cheater buy?

he is sending me cancel order ?
so what should i do?


Say no. If they try to cancel then say no again. Contact Fiverr and explain this situation to them. Forget the crying emojis and take control of the situation.
Why is this even a question?


how can i do this sir please help me ?

What do you need help with?


what i have to do in this support ?

which option i have to choose?

You could say to the buyer that the order requirements were for the player app that has been delivered.
You could say you can’t add it in the same order as that wasn’t the original requirement and that you’ve delivered what was in the original requirements.

You can say if he wants a game developed you can send him another offer for that (that it would be a different order).


i deny .

he send me order cancel request


Just select any option and then simply explain the problem to customer support. It’s not that important to exactly select the right option.


let me explain my situation to fiverr support team

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How sad - fiverr support is supporting to buyer even watching the proof.they said try to convince buyer :frowning:

Fiverr have Only Rights for Buyer as Seller have no rights even support team cannot help you

It is not Fiverr’s job to deal with your clients. It is up to you to deal with your clients. They haven’t cancelled the order, so that is good.
Now it is up to you to deal with your client. This is your business. This is your responsibility.


this mean scammer can scam easily without any tension great

Did you cancel the order? If you did then it is your fault. Not the buyer. Not Fiverr. Yours.


not yet but even support person is not help me he give me two option make the buyer happy or cancel the order

Tell the buyer they can pay more for the additional app or accept the delivery you have sent. Say that you are not cancelling the order and have spoken to customer support who are not going to cancel the order.

Dealing with annoying people is part of being in business. If you can’t deal with it then you should find an employer instead.

What do you expect support to do for you? Complete the order? They can’t do that, it would look bad for Fiverr and besides, it’s not their responsibility.


buyer want me to build game for him even deal is done for Video Player app in 15$. I tried to convice him but he want to cancel . And Fiverr support the Buyer not sellers

Read what I said over and over until you understand it. This is your job to solve, not Fiverr, not me, you.


This mean i should cancel that order or will be cancel by buyer too. it is seem to be no solution

Nobody here has told you to cancel. Everyone who answered here is an experienced seller with hundreds or thousands of sales. Why aren’t you listening to what we are saying?

Buyer: wants to cancel
You: deny request and tell them what I told you to tell them
Buyer: wants to cancel
You: do the same again. And again. And again. Until they give up.