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What is SPAM when it comes to the Fiverr Forums?

When you are considering a new post or replying to a post - think about this first:

• It is spam to offer your services or even put a link to your gigs or profiles at the bottom of your post UNLESS you are posting in My Fiverr Gigs

• It is spam to reply to a thread offering your services or link to gigs/profiles unless the thread is in My Fiverr Gigs.

• It is spam to post in Tips for Buyers and say that your tip is for the buyers to buy a gig from you

• It is spam to try to sell non-Fiverr products or services, especially when including external links

• It is spam to post the same post multiple times on the forum. This is true whether in the same category or multiple categories.

• Adding an image with your logo or links in the image to your gigs/profile/website - it’s spam unless in My Fiverr Gigs.

• Adding a signature with advertising text or images in a post is spam unless it’s in My Fiverr Gigs.

• If you are trying to think of a way to post in the forums and advertise your gig at the same time in a category other than My Fiverr Gigs - that is still going to be be spam.

• If you find another post, a blog entry, or something else on the web and you copy/paste it into the forums to try to draw attention to your own gigs or profile - that is spam. This is especially true if you don’t even give credit to the original author of your copied material.

What happens if you do these things?

1.) If noticed, your post will be deleted, moved, or edited.

2.) If you become a regular spammer, you are putting your account in danger.

3.) If buyers see that you are a spammer, most will not buy from you at all.

4.) If your account does not appear to be actively selling allowed gigs or appears to be brand new and you post external links, the account will probably be banned.

5.) When you spam the forums, other buyers and sellers who are trying to ask for real advice or offer tips gets pushed out of the way. Spammers are not appreciated.

Bonus thought:

While not technically spam, when you post a question on the forum that has been asked and answered many, many times it begins to feel a lot like spam. It can easily irritate buyers and sellers alike.

Questions like:

• I am new on Fiverr. Can someone help me?

• How do I find buyers/get sales?

• Please review my gig?

• Why am I getting no sales / buyers?


Reply to @fullcourtpress: I am the author of the “what is spam” post but I did not delete any post of yours recently. I can’t answer your question but perhaps someone else who saw it can. There are multiple sheriffs (moderators) as well as admins and staff so each makes judgement calls as best they can.

I advise reading the forum Do’s and Dont’s at the top of the forum page. I also advise making sure that a post fits the category you post in. For example, if it is in Tips for Sellers it should be a general tip that most or all sellers can utilize. If it comes off too close to advertising for your own gigs, that is likely to also be moved or removed.

Did you just delete my previous post in Seller Tips? If so, I want to specifically know why so I can refrain from doing it again. I thought I adhered to the policy. Obviously, someone appears to think otherwise. Thank you.

Reply to @kjblynx: Gotcha. Thanks.

helpful post for a newbie like me, thanks

Excellent post.

>>>Everyone should ‘LIKE’ the post as well to keep it atop the forum! <<<

Deleting my posts were greatly appreciated since that was complete spam.

On the contrary. I will list some links to posts which should be deleted. You’ll determin why.

Liked :slight_smile:

All the important info regarding forums just on one single post (y)

amazing post…

Another excellent thread form your side which is useful for new sellers.

Thanks for giving the ideas

@fonthaunt i think i need to read this often…

People who keep sending msg when the custom order is off clis considered as spam too, right?

Reply to @tracy____: That wouldn’t apply to the forums. I don’t fully understand what you wrote but if you feel you are being spammed in some other way you can report it to Customer Support.

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Reply to @funkygfx: It offers a great example of why I personally wouldn’t buy from anyone like @robin1991. He either doesn’t understand post or worst, doesn’t care. If I bought from @robin1991 he probably won’t care if I get nothing for my heard earned money.

Sheriff’s Note: Asking for more help with sales in a thread about spam is: SPAM. robin1991 is not recommended.

Great tips on the forum.
Help me also as a new Seller.


Sheriff’s Note: Asking for more help with sales in a thread about spam is: SPAM. Seller posting this is not recommended.


Hi guys i just got started in fiverr a couple days ago! Can you please check my profile and gigs out. Thank you! - Finademic


Sheriff’s Note: No.

quote on what is spam:: Please review my gig?

This is the equivalent of spam in this category. If you didn’t read the original post, why should anyone help you?