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What is SPAM when it comes to the Fiverr Forums?

Great Tips! I post several times in My Fiverr Gigs section…is it spam?

Thanks for the article,sure will help newbies like us

i got SPAM messages via fiverr by indicating that i won a lottery :slight_smile:

it’s helpful, so i don’t make a mistake. Thanks bro. :smiley:

I feel like “How do I get to be a Top Rated Seller” could probably be added under “bonus thought questions”… I’m on here trolling most days and I see that one pretty often. I don’t know why, but it annoys me… I guess it feels like people looking for a magic answer rather than working hard and putting in the time. #rantover

Thank you for this post. Now i understand i am not spammer. But i do not understand why i can not sell my gig, I mean no viewers view my gig.
Can i get any tips form here?

Thanks for this amazing post…

i got many spam messages in my inbox. and there one new spammer about the article writing. i got same messages from different accounts… they send me a link and tell please watch these videos i want to write an article of it… i watched and replied but then buyer was disappear. can anyone here who have same experience ???

Exellent article

Excellent article for scamming and posting GIG. What are the other alternatives ways to get more sales. Would you please tell me **==[fragglesrock spam removed][fragglesrock spam removed]

Sheriff’s Note: Your spam is against forum rules. This thread is not about scamming, it is about spamming. Consider this your first warning regarding spam.

Sheriff’s Note: Spam here removed. You have posted spam multiple times:

and others.

Posting your links on threads of others, asking for favorites, etc. are all forms of spam and can have a negative affect on your account. You may post occasional ads only in the My Fiverr Gigs category:

For a new seller it’s really helpful

We all do many mistakes in new fields


This article in cookie cutter style captures its theme to the fullest!
I thought I knew what is spam-, but now I know so much more!
Caught me by surprise how nuanced this can be! Will spend more time reading the forum, seems worth the while. Thank you!

Is it spam to bump a “tips” post that you created that doesn’t include any self-promotion, but has actual tips?

Thanks for posting such a excellent info. I will follow it on my this profile :-h

We want spam free fiverr discussion.

Totally Agree With you Mate :slight_smile:

Thanks for the recent positive comments.

I find it kind of disheartening that a lot of this has to be posted and isn’t common sense.

I guess defining it will make it easier to discipline :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s time for a bump. Great info!

@fonthaunt: New question: Can I link to my “Gig help” thread on the open “Tips” threads to redirect people who are about to ask for it, or is that spamming?