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What is spam while discussing matter in inbox?

What is Spam while discussing the project with Client?
Can a Client or I Share What’s app Number? I know this is spam but my main question is if a client or I share Phone Number or Email in an image, is this also spam? Because in this case no warning is shown. I hope You will understand, what I am asking. I need Expert Opinion.


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Actually this will be also a spam. Because its against Fiverr TOS. But if it is important to share email then you have to write the message like this: (For necessary I am sharing my email, but our order will always continue on Fiverr) after that write the email and send

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It’s not spam. Spam is sending unsolicited messages. Exchanging personal contact details is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. You can get permanently banned for doing it.

It’s not spam, but it is a Terms of Service violation and you could get banned for doing it. What’s more, by doing it that way, you clearly show that you know that you’re breaking the rules, and you’re doing it anyway.

You’re not allowed to break the rules.

All the communication and materials exchange has to go through Fiverr.

If, for some legitimate reason, you really need your client’s email address (for example, because you’re designing their business card), they can send you that information on the order page (on the order page only, not in inbox).

You’re still not allowed to use that information to communicate with your client outside of Fiverr, though.


You don’t need an expert opinion. You need to read the Terms of Service you agreed to. We’re not here to tell you things you would know if you looked them up yourself… it doesn’t require expertise to look up the rules.

It would also help you to think critically: why would Fiverr allow you to exchange contact information that would allow you to take business off of Fiverr? And why would you need to exchange that information unless you wanted to discuss things off of Fiverr, which is not allowed for the same reason.

Your lack of critical thinking is disappointing and concerning. This is all common sense.


You should not be communicating with buyers on WhatsApp. That’s completely against TOS and you should get a strike for that. I strongly suggest you read TOS.


All my fellow being Thanks, I know this is against the TOS of Fiverr to Share the email and Phone Number. Share of Contact info in the form of an image, As I Can share my Web URL and people can contact me directly. But What to do if I Client asks for an interview to get a job? Can I report to Fiverr that this person wishes to have an interview with me?

That’s just trying to get around the spam filter. And I think you know the answer.

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Explain to the buyer that they can ask what they need to know via the Fiverr inbox.

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Sharing contact info through an image is just a way of getting around the rules. You can’t do that either.

In regards to the interview, there is absolutely no reason for clients to ask for it. Just refuse politely, explaining it’s against Fiverr’s TOS. They can see your portfolio and ask you questions via Fiverr.