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What is stopping the buyers to order my gig?


its going to be a month now since I’ve joined fiverr but only my gigs’ impressions , and views are too damn high that means people are actually making effort to view my gigs but i still haven’t got any order yet . seems like some fact is stopping them to buy it . I’ve been honest with my gig and really i am good at writing . can anyone please look at my gigs and tell me what i am doing wrong ? i would highly appreciate your courtesy .
thank you


“What is stopping the buyers from ordering your gig?”

We have no idea. You’ll have to ask them. :wink:


i would have asked them if it was so but i think its “new sellers’” struggle that every one has to go through . by the way i am seeing people complaining about how fiverr is keeping new seller at front and old sellers at bottom of the search list but i guess that is not a problem to buyers as they care about money so eventually scroll all the way down to get their money’s value by some experienced seller .:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .


It’s a bit difficult to get the first order when we are new but never give up. Work more on your gig and always apply for jobs at buyer request section. It’s really good if your gig impressions and views are high.

Best of luck!


No one knows why. Anyway, you offer writing gigs, but even just by the fact you write ˝I˝ not with a capital letter, if I should be your buyer, I would back down. :slight_smile:


hey ,
thanks it was very encouraging .:slight_smile:


i will correct it right away . thank you to view my gigs . it means a lot to me . i think i should not think its obvious to buyer’s to know that i will obviously check all the grammatical errors and other errors using suitable software . i should make it more professional .


If you offer writing gigs, the gig descriptions should be flawless. Good luck! :slight_smile:


I normally wouldn’t say anything, but if I was looking for a writer and I see you writing in this forum without capitalizing your sentences, I would not hire you.

I’m not a writer, so if my comment has grammar errors, or I don’t capitalize something most are going to overlook it.

That said, yours should be near perfect English on your gig, AND very strong English in a forum like this. Anybody typing without capitalizing appears lazy or a new typist who isn’t comfortable on a computer. (I’m NOT saying you are lazy, but the way you type here makes an impression, and the way you type/express yourself on your gig makes a huge difference. Nobody knows the person behind the writing…)

When you have 20 or 50 ratings, then you are in a different place. People know someone has paid you to do their writing.

Few buyers will assume you use software to catch errors, they assume you know the rules yourself.


yes , i agree . first of all thank you for stopping by and pointing it out to me . I’ve made the changes . I hope it will do fine now . I might have been too naive about buyers’ opinion that they will assume that there exist software which wouldn’t let me make any grammatical , spelling or even data errors . After all it is all about impression . No matter how much technology is advanced but some responsible gestures will always make me standout . :relaxed:


I really don’t want to sound harsh here, but you say in your biography that your level of English is ‘native or bilingual’. Buyers are going to expect what is promised, but it isn’t what’s shown in your profile description, or in those of your gigs.

Please go back to basics, and have a look at all your descriptions etc. again:

  • a capital letter at the beginning of every sentence

  • the first person singular is ‘I’, not ‘i’

  • a space is used after a comma or a full stop, not before

I really am not trying to be hurtful, but if you don’t get the basics right, you will end up with unhappy buyers, and negative reviews, which nobody wants.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Yes something wrong in your description.


It’s just about your Description.
You have made changes but it’s still incorrect.
You need to know how to use Full Stop and Comma.


I’m not going to :lollipop: :candy: sugarcoat anything here, but I think you really need to reconsider offering writing gigs on Fiverr. Brainstorm other skills you could offer, you said you made corrections and whatnot. But, the weird spacing between commas and periods - I’m not feeling it at all. This is not appealing to potential buyers looking for a writer to write a stellar piece.


No, you are not at all being harsh here . You bother to actually view my gig and point all the mistakes that really stopping buyers to order my gig . I am improving my profile as you people pointing these details out to me . As for my english , it is very native . I belong from the country where english is mostly spoken after united kingdom . So i am not going to change it to “basic” . And as for me personally my medium of education since kindergarten is english itself . But it seems that i’ve been too naive to assume that buyers will know that i will check my projects manually and as well as using grammar correction software and also copyscape softwares . I have mentioned that i am a tech geek . I highly appreciate that you stopped by and pointed it out to me . Kudos to you
P.s - i found out that buyers seek uncomfortable favours from professional freelancer here so i wrote a post about it in "buyers’ tips " section mentioning "bargaining can cost you " . If you can have a glance at it . Thank you


It’s English, by the way. :wink:


Ofcourse it is . Hey , i am a human and i want my time to be spent wisely . I have to manage a college , my coding classes and my SAT prep along it . I got the point that i have to be very careful about punctuations in my profile and gig description to seem really promising but in forum we people are here to help each other not to persude some one that they are not "good enough " for selling . I think i can enjoy a bit modern and short english here as rest of the world while i am having my queries sorted by you guys .


Buyers read the forum - if you’re offering article writing, they’ll be looking at the quality of your writing on the forum as well as on your gig description etc.

Anyway, good luck! :slight_smile:


Yes , of course they do but i would lIke to work with peope who got enough brain to judge me by my content after all its not the accurate english that attract the people but a witty content . And some times too much formal english like those were in "gone with the wind " era gets boaring .articles are meant to be informativeand have the sole purpose to get their facts straight not to seek beauty of literature they can surely get that from thomas hardy . I understand that too much grammatical errors cause nuisance while reading and i have made a mistake to ignore punctuations in my intro and i will correct them right away and thank you from the bottom of my heart but here in forum i am not going to talk like o harlot . I want my buyers to be the people who knows what is selling and if they don’t well i can have my own blog some day when i’ll be done with my computer engineering and i have a long way to go as i am not some ine 40 yrs old incapable of achieving some thing . I joined Fiverr as i have some thing to offer and i want to learn to become professional in which you people are helping me very much so lately :slight_smile: .


P.s - i consider its very stupid to think that some one might fail at delivering grammar . Since childhood we use abbreviations in everyday life but we have never done that stupidity in our english paper or a standford college interview . But people who runs successful blogs might agree that only witty content is selling . Grammar and punctuations are not going to fool Copyscape when you have to write a content about some thing which is already trending and whole webpages are full of them still you want to stand out .