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What is the actual use of Fiverr forum massage option?

Please anyone say how to use it and what for it has been made :grinning:



Well I guess you could give me a massage. Sweedish or Shiatsu is fine. I don’t know what methods are used where you are from but I can be open-minded.



okh sir :grinning:

but I have a question that if we talk each other, is it will be any benifit for our Fiverr gigs???

@freelancerff sent me a message asking me about the massage feature. I. replied to him with pictures of a baby getting a massage and a text message and thought he understood the difference. Yet here he is still asking how to use the masemphasized textsage feature! :woman_facepalming:t2:

@freelancerff The message feature is for users who mutually agree to communicate with each other. However, it is considered rude on the Fiverr Forum to contact anyone through the messaging system without asking them first. Unless of course, they are your friend.


What! That is a bunch of bologna! There is no way any of your activity on the Fiverr Forum will help you do better with your gig performance. However, there are many individuals who make false claims that it does!

Read this :arrow_down:


Yeah sir you was try to taught me about that but you was not explained it. As if I am new here so I cant undestand it.

As if I am new so its tough for me.

@vickiespencer At lest thank you so much for you this help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


And y’all might just wanna take care of your English skills, not because us English speakers are any better than anyone else (except the French which is self evident lol) but that this is how most jobs are handled and if your communication is so all over the place, it will end poorly for you as you cannot explain or understand what is going on.


@vickiespencer I have a question to you !

If it is right so why people use fiverr forum so much and I also notice that you have use it regular. So Why You have use it so much time???

Hope you great ans :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We use the forums for fun and interacting with other users. To talk about experiences with the platform, and to try to make it better in some way. Nobody gets any sales from the forums.


oh I was lesson that by using Fiverr forum I can get more clicks and views.
so I have comes here :sweat_smile:

It is right. What you think???

I already told you what I think. Where did you get that “lesson” from? Because it is a lie. It doesn’t work. The forum is useless to “make sells”. Clicks and views mean nothing.


Oh I understand :slight_smile:

Thank you

Why anyone would think the forum is a short cut to success is beyond me. The forum is for sharing helpful information, gathering knowledge, and for unwinding if need be.

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Because I have friends here, so I come to visit when I need a break from working. I had a friend who said it is like taking a smoking break :smoking: I like to welcome the new users and give a pat on the back to those who are proud of making their first, second, or third sale. :wink:

And as @visualstudios arts and @j6nyc6 said :arrow_down:


LoL :joy: :joy:

Oh I understand all the thing. And I have a last question :sweat_smile:
Can I use fiverr forum massage option for my personal chatting option like social media ??:sweat_smile:

Rule 4

The forums are public, but for a “professional” site. While anyone can make a comment, there are rules. DMs are not like social media. If you message anyone without a very good reason, you’re likely to be flagged.

Google search result:

If you want to chat like in social media, find a social network that has chat.


Thank you so much for your valuable reply :grinning:
I have learn so much things from here.

I am happy for to know that in fiverr forum almost everyone is so much helpfull :smiley:

Thank yOu

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