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What is the actually requirement for fiverr pro account?

I don’t understand what is the actually requirement for fiverr pro account? I have over 5-year work experience. Yes, I have a problem to have only one marketplace to show my skill. I don’t what can I do? Is there any study degree to need to get a fiverr pro account?


Check this out:


hahha… I go through that. But as I understand it’s not easy. Maybe they accept to have a degree on the service

Fiverr Pro is extremely tough to qualify for. Fiverr is looking for exceptional people who have proven themselves to be outstanding in their field. Fiverr tends to accept to the program those who have an impressive body of work – often for reputable clients – and those with influence on the web or on social media. Education can also count in a seller’s favour.

One Fiverr Pro member is Rob Janoff, the guy who designed the Apple logo. Another is Damien Walter, a writer who frequently pens articles for The Guardian, CNN, and Buzzfeed. Hopefully these two examples show you the kind of seller Fiverr had in mind when they created Pro.

While there’s no concrete criteria for Fiverr Pro (that we know of), a seller will need to prove they’re a cut above the average if they want to be awarded Pro status. It’s something the vast majority will never achieve.


the name you mentioned are real awesome people. I mean they are outstanding. There should a common guideline of experienced people

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I think Fiverr pro are for industry giants, those that are regarded to be very popular in their area of profession. And coming to think of it, I don’t believe you should see them as a threat or a challenge, after all not every buyer can afford to pay $1k+ for a project he can do for a far lesser amount.


great answer:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

@ahmwritingco You mentioned Damien Walter, a well known writer.

I wanted to show his gig description. This is PRO writing. It’s impressive.

I’ve never seen something so brief that sells so well.

Excellent point! Those gigs are for an entirely different market and audience.

Just because you do the same deliverables as someone, that doesn’t mean they are your competitor. If you have a strong business, you’re tailoring many variables to who you are targeting and serving, not trying to be everything to everyone.

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