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What is the advantages of spending time in fiver forum?

What is the advantages of spending time in fiver forum?

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If you expect that it will help you get orders then it wouldn’t.
The only advantage is the knowledge that you will get from reading topics not “spending time” here.


You can learn a lot of things from the Experts or the Experienced persons. Fiverr also like your time spending on the forum.
Read the topics and the discussions, I can assure you that you will learn a lot.


It does not give you any advantages when it comes to your orders and exposure as a seller, BUT, from my own experience, you will learn a lot from other sellers’ experiences, whether good or bad.


Learning is the only advantage here and its very important to update yourself

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Thanks a lot for clearing the point.

I think you can learn about fiver totally.

Whether it’s the forum or your main Fiverr account - don’t ask what the forum or the buyer can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for the forum, or for buyers, and things will fall into place.

This forum is a digital water cooler, or a digital village fountain, for those who prefer more pittoresque mental imagery, for the Fiverr community to meet and exchange news, tips, opinions, to rant about obnoxious buyers or sellers, to ask for advice, or to just chat.

It’s to almost 100% a peer-to-peer thing and lives from people who contribute to the community on a voluntary basis (even the moderators, who also spend their time just in the spirit of community); just sometimes, you’ll find official info, like about updates, or scheduled maintenance, that might help prevent you from delivering late.

The forum is what you make of it. You can learn from it, or ignore it, or even look at and post funny memes if you don’t feel like doing serious things.


Or you can post on as many topics as you can, because you refuse to believe it won’t bring you sales. Many users do that. It doesn’t bring them sales or respect (they look like fools instead), but they keep doing it.