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What is the algorithm for first page position of my gig?

I am Sium.I am a Wordpress Developer.I am new in fiverr even then I got the orders from Fiverr. while searching I found there is a level system. as soon as proving my skills I’ll get the level and show off in the mainstream but unfortunately, I couldn’t understand some of the guys those offer the same of my services get the first-page position even my gig don’t. likely, I got a single reviews but they don’t have even a single sell or review. so can anyone guide me how they do it to get the first-page position?


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Hello and welcome,

So, I advise you to continue searching on this forum to find your answer. This has been asked several times.

ok @ammarshrf thanks for your valuable comment…

Fiverr does not share the details of their search algorithm, because they do not want sellers to take advantage of that knowledge in order to cheat the system. You are not going to find any guides, instructions or secret tips because there are none.

We do know that Fiverr likes successful gigs, so, if you want to improve your chances of doing well on Fiverr, you will need to have an eye-catching gig, a service in which you are highly skilled, and a desire to deliver top quality work that earns positive reviews.

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Thanks, @jonbaas. I can understand the matter, thank you again for explaining so beautifully

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