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What is the algorithm for first page position

I am a web developer. I am new in fiverr even then I got the orders from Fiverr. while searching I found there is a level system. as soon as proving my skills I’ll get the level and show off in the mainstream but unfortunately, I couldn’t understand some of the guys those offer the same of my services get the first-page position even my gig don’t. likely I got the reviews(not too much) but they don’t have even a single sell or review. so can anyone guide me how they do it to get the first-page position?


That’s the biggest mystery on Fiverr. No one knows the algorithm for how Fiverr decides the order in which to display gigs in their search.

The best you can do is perform to the best of your ability and hope that your gigs gain better exposure on Fiverr’s gig listings.


No one actually knows

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If we all knew that, Fiverr would need a much bigger first page.


The thing I noticed that tips and repeated buyer helps in the ranking along with good reviews. I am not sure though.

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You could also make sure your gig tags are optimal. eg. the most important tags first. eg. in a gig about php maybe having a tag for the single word “php” as the first tag might be better than having “security” as the first tag.

But it probably takes into account how close the gig (title, description/package descriptions, tags) matches the search, gig stats that we don’t see (eg. whether the gig was recently delivered late), yes maybe ratings from reviews etc. Maybe things like price affect it too. They probably rotate gigs in the search results too.

But I think they keep altering it/testing different things so it won’t always be the same exact algorithm (or the same things won’t always be given the same weights).