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What is the aspect ratio for Gig Gallery images?

I can’t seem to find this info anywhere, but what is the EXACT aspect ratio for Gig Gallery images to NOT stretch and distort when shown as a thumbnail?

The gallery image suggestion says " 550 pixels width x 370", but even when I put up an image at that aspect ratio, it gets stretched horizontally.
If I put up an image at 16x9, it gets squished vertically.

Is there a proper aspect ratio for gallery images so they don’t get distorted when used as a gig thumbnail?


Do you mean stretched when seen as an impression, like in search results? Unfortunately they aren’t clear on that. I’ve found gig images tend to look different as a view than as an impression. I think it’s just a flaw in their setup. I don’t think there is a ratio that would avoid said issues here.

Yes, I do mean in a search result.

It seems kind of crazy that they don’t specify that. When I look at search results for gigs, I see so many with words that are slight squished, or faces look just a bit stretched. And most of it is not a huge amount of stretch or squash, but I have to say it makes so many of the gigs look unprofessional.

And by extension, I feel like my stuff looks amateurish, because of the distortion.


I suspect they don’t specify it because there is no ratio that is ideal for both impressions and views. So annoying and unfortunate, I know. It’s another reason to make a gig video, though!

I’m using 690x426 for gig image and it works fine.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try!

I use 1600*1076… You can see my gigs appear as I wanted.

I just tried those, and they seem to work. Thanks a lot!

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