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What is the average impressions of a normal fiverr gig

I just want to know what is your average impressions of your top-rated gig on Fiverr.
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No limits of impressions

I haven’t looked at my impressions in well over 6 months. The number constantly goes up and down.

Usually that is only useful when you are actively trying to market your gigs somehow, to see if you are being successful at it.

Otherwise impressions are one of those things not under our own control. Watching them is a waste of time.


Impressions are not important. The conversion rate is important!


Here is the one indicator I watch: My income and how many orders I’m getting.

Even conversion rate can be misleading. If your prices are $5 your conversion rate would be higher than if your prices for the same things are $50. Yet your income would be lower.

Lower conversion rate goes along with higher prices for your gigs.


I do not have any $5 gigs, and I am sure my sales are nowhere your sales, @misscrystal. However, when I am selling more gigs my conversion rate is indeed higher, up to 42%, but when I am not selling many gigs it can go as low as 9%.

This is why I said the conversion rate is more important than impressions because mine is higher when I sell more gigs.