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What is the average selling price of level 2 and above sellers

I have a 15$ average selling price for my following gigs, is it a normal average? what are some other avg prices of sellers out here?

I think that is hard to say…due to huge variety of gig topics. I do tons of $5 gigs, but recently did a project for $75 (my first).

Reply to @wesleygw: In the analytics there is a parameter which shows this value. so your average would be 5$ i guess.

A $15 average is good on fiverr. Especially if you were around before levels and have sold thousands of gigs.

Reply to @anarchofighter: thanks but I have sold LESS and I seldom do 5$ gigs. And I came after LEVELS.

My average is $25. Personally, I wish it was $5 with a higher /number/ of sales - at least I’d have achieved Level 2 by now.

My average is $10 on the analytical page (*)

Reply to @aliabbasjp: OOOhhhh - last I checked that one it was about $8 - but I do not capitalize on using gig extras so far, so my numbers are skewed low I am sure.

I am at $5 with 2500 sales but I am actively working on tweaking extras and to try to increase that on $10. Average of 10 and to try to increase sales rate 3 times (currently 40-50 orders per month) and I will be rich :smiley: