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What is the benefit of fiverr Pro

I am princesurr. I would like to know the benefits of fiverr Pro and how to get better at selling.


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Thanks for your reply.

The ONLY benefit is the ability to set a FAIR price for your services…thats it

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Any seller – at any level – can set any fair price they wish. You do not have to be a Pro Seller in order to set fair prices. Please do not give false advice.


You are completely wrong.

Only Pro sellers may set a price over $995, otherwise that’s what you’re stuck with.

Get your facts straight before responding.

You said “fair price” which doesn’t translate to “anything over than $995”.

No need to be so aggressive, losing your level must feel terrible, but lashing out will not help.


Depends entirely on what is being offered for sale.

Cars all have four wheels, though there is a huge difference between a Kia and a Jaguar.

Well I’m with you on that one.

I am not.

Please do not make demands. My commentary is not in dispute.


Technically, they are the same – they are both consumer automobiles. What makes them different from each other, is how the manufacturer chooses to market each vehicle.


It’s all about positioning I guess:

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Stinger is a nice car.

Well, your statement is wrong. Non pro gigs are limited to $995 and you know it.

Please be respectful. Your hostility within this topic is unnecessary.

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The main benefits are reputation, less competition, and a target market willing to pay more money.

If I was a Fiverr Pro, I could easily charge $100 and more and get orders. As a level 0, soon to be level 1, I can’t.

That paradox of Fiverr Pro is that if you’re good enough to be a Fiverr Pro, you’re probably making money outside of Fiverr. You’re not an unemployed copywriter looking for extra money, but an employed copywriter or business owner looking for even more money or perhaps a few fresh projects to tickle your mind.

Technically, you can. You can charge any price you set, and you can sell your services to any buyer willing to pay those prices. I am presently a Level 0 seller (I’ve been all levels), and I’ve sold a number of my $100 and $175 packages in the past few weeks (as I do in in general from week-to-week).

There is nothing stopping you from selling your services at high prices, no matter what level you have. You do not need to be a Pro Seller to sell services priced over $100.


You can send custom offers for up to 10K (I’m pretty sure that’s the same limit for both TRS and level 2), that should be enough for separate gigs/single jobs for the vast majority of sellers.

Treat your gigs as teasers, only offer things you’d cover for the $995 in the gigs and send custom offers up to 10K to the people who want more than that.

Most people who’d want thousands worth of a service would probably contact you anyway to chat about details. I don’t think the $995 limit on directly buyable gigs is a real problem.