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What is the benefit of level 1 seller?

Hello all, I want to know about level 1 sellers. What the main benefit of a level 1 seller. Can anyone explain me. I will get to this level in the next 15 May. So, I want to know about it more clearly.


As a level one seller, you can do the following:

  • Create up to 10 Active Gigs.
  • Add up to four Gig Extras per Gig ($5, $10, $20, $40 for each Extra).
  • Create Custom Offers (up to $20,000 each)
  • Withdraw your earnings after 14 days.

For more info, go here: Fiverr's Levels.


I know it. but i want to know that will fiverr promote on level 1 seller?

very interesting !!! thanks for your information !

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Not exactly sure what you mean here.

Level One and Level Two are automatic promotions done during mid-month evaluations if a seller meets all the required prerequisite criteria.

If you are talking about, “Will Fiverr promote me more if I am a Level One seller?” then don’t count on it. If you do a quick forum search of “level 1 hell,” you will see that being promoted is not always a boon to business.


Thanks for your valuable information.