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What is the benefit to join forum?

My name is Md Abdur Razzak . I don’t know what is the benefit of join forum?


If you’re looking to make more sales, there’s no benefit.


You asked something similar before.

July was when you joined the forum so you will have some idea as to how it works.

Use the tips and information on the forum to learn.

Just posting on the forum will not get you sales.


Hi Arazzaq,
Welcome to this forum. Just read few posts on the forum and you will come to know why freelancers, particularly the sellers join the forum. You can learn a lot of tips and read your senior’s experiences which prove to be helpful in future.
My only purpose to join the forum was learning. You will also learn a lot here.

Best times,


Thank you very mutch for your advise

You are welcome, Arazzaq.

Best of luck,

You’re welcome to the forum Razzak,
If you’re really Serious about fiverr, it’s one of the best practices to surf on the forum.
From my opinion you’ll get hundreds of answers before the questions come to your mind.
Isn’t it good for you? In this forum Stuffs, our expert senior sellers are really very helpful & friendly to share their experiences.

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Hey, Razzak. I joined Forum. Because, Here are a lot of experts.

thank you very mutch brother

a lot of thanks for you

@naheedmire, Thank you for your advice