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What is the best and worst thing about Fiverr?

I read the forums and there is such a diversity of opinion about Fiverr so was just wondering what is the best and the worst thing about Fiverr?

It’s really shocking how opinions diverge isn’t it

The worst thing is that to gain any level of success, you will have to crawl through a level 0 to level 2 nether world of insane buyers, impossible to please buyers and $5 orders which laugh at your monthly bills and make you feel like the lowest earning person with the lowest practical ambition in the whole world.

The best thing, on the other hand, is that if you can crawl through that nether world and triumph over several small adversities and more considerable inconveniences, you might, (just might) reach something like financial security and independence.

Then you just have to make it last.

The best thing about fiverr is that it exists.
The worst thing about fiverr is that too many idiots join.

“It’s really shocking how opinions diverge isn’t it”

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Best thing: There have not been as many bugs lately. Freedom to work when and how much I want.
Worst thing: Still my report button does not work.

Best thing - It gives me something to do
Worst thing - It gives me too much to do :smiley:

(Now relaxing though, 2+ months of being on limit orders has finally had an effect).

Having to start from the scratch.

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That’s true but then again Fiverr gives you the opportunity to see if this is right for you with no outlay or risk whatsoever.