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What is The best higher selling GIG category on FIVERR?


Which category is best For get Lot of Order here on FIVERR?

Comment and suggest Please… Thank you all…!! God bless


The best category is the one that contains the gig that features your skill. Offer gigs for things you can do. Anything else will hurt your rating and seller reputation.

Also, be aware that Fiverr is NOT a get-rich-quick website. There are NO ways to “get lot of order here”, unless you are successful doing things you do best.



The best category i believe is the one (with very less competition) as compared to the sellers offering the same services. Furthermore i would like to add you need to know that skill to excel otherwise things could go other way around for you


You are approaching this wrong. Do you know seo? Do you know what that is?

That is a very popular high paying category.
Someone who is good at it can make a fortune.
Do you know how to do it?
Do you think it would be easy to learn and sell?

I hope you try it and find out how it goes.


You sent me a message asking how to learn seo? Please I’m not here to teach you seo or tell you how to do it!


Come on,don’t be so rude, while you are right, he seems someone seeking for help to survive.


@linuxassistance Then you tell him how to do it. He is just seeking help. Why answer me if you are concerned about him? He want’s to know so maybe you can answer him more gently.


Hi @swaliyaji , as everyone told you, this is a marketplace of professionals experienced in specific fields. If you are not designer, no a marketing person, no a developer, nor a voice over person,etc. If you need money and want to work as freelancer without having fiverr’s most popular skills my recommendation for you is

  1. Become a translator, limiting yourself to translate to your native language, and not from it.
  2. How are your writing skills?, you can offer to write articles in your native language, I recommend you to learn great tips.

Meanwhile you can learn easy things like graphic design (by easy I mean to learn the basics of, I don’t mean to insult designers’ profession), SEO, etc.


Sending unrequested messages to other forum users is definitely more rude!


Hey,hey, I didn’t want to offend you. Sorry if I did.


I was shocked someone can’t google seo themself to find out.

It’s not something I am here to do, coach people on how to learn skills so they can sell something and it’s not exactly how you go about this.


I don’t know if starting a private conversation is rude really, maybe it is a cultural difference. But even if we consider it rude, it is pretty clear the guy is newbie. Anyway, wasn’t my intention to start a discussion. Have a great day.


I know you are right, for sure. And It is not the first time I see you helping people by answering in the forum. Maybe because I’m new too I identify myself with his possible mistakes, common mistakes until we start learning and reading all the rules,etc. But you are right.


People need to figure out for themselves what to sell. It helps a LOT if you have some kind of skill and knowledge already.

SEO is not something you learn easily or quickly. I was being snide when I suggested that.


Ok sorry maam, and thank for this help maam.


And don’t sent messages asking me please again. Doing that is not what the message system is for here.

I told you I am not here to teach you about seo. Use google. You have sent messages now here and on my other inbox asking the same thing.
I’m sorry I answered the first time.


This thread should be closed since the op is not interested in finding out anything for himself.


The gig categories with the most orders isn’t necessarily the best earning. You might earn higher from selling fewer, but higher priced gigs. eg. you could do a search of the high priced gigs on Fiverr to get an idea (the ones that are selling at a high price anyway).