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What is the best image size for GIG?

Some of the new sellers wanted to know about the best GIG image size for fiverr. I suggest that the image size for GIG is, width 550 pixels, and the height is 370 pixels. It is better to save the image in PNG format. Photo size must be 5mb or less than 5mb

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You have not mentioned the details! would you kindly explain… :innocent:

I believe that when creating a photo for a gig, you can use any resolution, and if when uploading an image it does not fit in weight, you can compress it yourself or on special sites for compressing images.

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Thanks for your helpful information.

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No problem bro) :smiley:

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what kind of information do you need about thiis?

Thanks for your valuable information.

The image will look different depending what is buyer using to see the image, on phone or tablet or in browser.


Thanks for your informaton.