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What is the Best Laptop for Freelancers/Graphic Desigers?

Almost every Business requires the services of a graphic designer, no matter the industry.
People all over the world are learning how to be a designer to fit this need in record numbers. If not professionally, graphic design students and freelance graphic designers are getting in on the game.
However, just like other industries, there is specific tools and hardware needed to do the job. A graphic designer needs to have a good laptop that can support the intensive software used in design.
Since most design software is loaded with features, they are undoubtedly more process-heavy than other apps.
**Vote for Top best laptops for Freelancers**

  • Lenovo
  • Asus
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Acer
  • Apple
  • Samsung

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Kindly share your laptop brand and specifications with us. Let’s see what you got :wink:

I am using HP core i5, 4 GB RAM, Operating System: Windows 10, AMD Radeon Graphics.


The new 2017 15" MacBook Pro is the perfect choice for me. I like everything about it, except its price tag. A lot of the professional content creators use Mac, for a good reason.


Price Tag :smirk: Yeah! It’s not affordable for eveyone :expressionless:

It was really hard for me to save up for it personally, especially because it costs even more in my country, due to our 27% tax. It’s about $4500 in USD for my choice of specs. But it’s a dream to use, so it’s definitely worth it if you have an use for it. It’s clearly not worth it if you only use it for light tasks, like browsing and such. For that, I’d have gone with a cheaper 13" MacBook Pro model instead.


It’s too much expensive. But once you bought it now keep enjoying :innocent:

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The best laptop for anyone on a budget is a Dell e6420. They sell for as little as $150 on ebay due to being ex-business models and come with gaming and graphics capabilities and the ability to upgrade to 16GB of Ram even though the specs say 8.

Just don’t buy one if you use Linux as the graphic card compatibility is a nightmare.

As a second best buy, the Microsoft Surface RT 2 and original Pro model go cheap and as well as matching the hardware specs of later models like the Surface 3, have great battery life. - the only problem is that you can’t do anything but use MS office and browse the net on internet Explorer.

In any case, just stay away from Toshiba!


Apple laptops/specs are bad, like old-bad. I’m done with Apple, it’s disappointed me way too often, both in customer support and in their old specs (like from the age when my grandparents used computers)

Photoshop keeps complaining that I don’t have a Nvidia GPU, the specs are way too low for my graphics needs (cad, design, etc.), and I can’t wait to switch.

If I get the chance to invest in a premium laptop, I’ll go with a Sager from the future, to keep up with my spec needs till the future.

Just my thoughts after being put to my knees by Apple.

[edit: but from your list I’d go with Acer, the Predator kind, or Asus the ROG kind :grin: ]


I use my laptop for work only when I travel. Most of the time I work from my desktop.

My friendly advice would be to stay away from Lenovo, as I have used it before, it was getting the job done, but it’s not the highest quality laptop. Apple, might be good, but it depends on which country you live Apple isn’t officially in your country, then you should never buy Apple products because there would be a lack of customer support.

Currently, I use Asus. My recommendation would be to go for Acer, Asus or MSI.


Back in 2009, I bought a MacBook thinking that they were worth more investment due to the presumed higher quality. (Also back then this was a huge luxury purchase).

Straight away I realized that the battery power was less by the day and that it was both slow and far too hot when plugged into the mains. In the end, I, therefore, rode through late 2009 to 2012 with a second hand HP laptop which I still keep as a backup today.

I must admit, though, that the earlier iPhones are of a pretty good build quality. Hence why I don’t upgrade.


@gig_freak Would you like to share which Asus series you are using and which would be best one for me. I mostly use laptop for normal activities like browsing, freelancing, and assignments. My laptop usage time is more than 15 Hours a day. Currently, I am running games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield but laptop lags. I need a laptop quite good for gaming and long term use. Heating issue is the main problem that I face because my usage is more than average.


I still have an iPod Touch 2nd gen from 2009 I think, and it’s perfectly functional after using it, jailbreaking it and abusing it in all possible ways. Battery is still brilliant, smooth older OS, great apps from back then that I keep using, and I couldn’t care less that the OS has evolved or that the apps cannot be updated anymore.

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I use a chromebook to do my work as a writer. Does the trick just fine. I would love for the new ipad pro to have a mouse to make it more of a laptop.

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What’s your budget? I can recommend you the best option according to that and other variables. What kind of games do you like to play, at what settings, which FPS would you like to reach?

Freelancing is a wide area. It depends on what you are trying to sell. If you work in demanding software you need great hardware. I see that you offer SEO action plans but are you planning on using a different software in the future?

Competitor Alert.
Competitor Alert. :fearful:

Kidding :smiley: I think :neutral_face: Am I? :thinking:

O/T: In the beginning age of Fiverr back in early 2010, there were a handful who offered SEO reports & action plans, and I was among them. Now I see everyone doing SEO reports and plans… it’s natural for me to worry.

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My opinion is that Fiverr is the most competitive online marketplace at this moment. Quality work for fraction of the cost. :slight_smile:

The most competitive category on Fiverr is the voice over, or at least in my opinion. Anyway, I don’t know if you read some of the forums that are about freelancing but in the buyer’s section, you can find a lot of information on which website to use for which service. :stuck_out_tongue:


Purchased 2 or 3 years ago. I do all my Fiverr Video Work, Whiteboard, Explainer Videos, and Podcast Editing.

Every dollar I spend is a dollar that’s not in my pocket.

Acer Laptop
Aspire E5-574G
8 gig ram
geforce 940m

$450.00 on Amazon.

and a bunch of software


Well, I vote for Surface Book. :wink: :slight_smile:

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I work from my ´´self-made desktop pc´´ created with pieces from there and here…trying to achieve the best results with the budget I had at that moment, now looking to get few upgrades. But, I also have a laptop: ASUS - best one ever.

I´ve worked with several Lenovo models in the past but they all ended up dying too soon…this Asus has been with me over 3 years and is the best thing I´ve eve bought.


Lenovo is the worst brand that you can possibly choose. I would not recommend Lenovo even to my worst enemy.

First Lenovo, I’ve had was 9 years ago, it wasn’t that good. I’ve bought my second Lenovo last year because it had the best value for the money, but it had a lot of issues. :frowning:


Thanks for the advice. My HP is dying… And I will never ever will buy again an HP laptop. I was thinking in Assus… But I did not know nothing about this brand.