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What is the best length of a perfect buyer request?

Hello, everyone.
Maybe it is a funny question :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:. I am trying to make some template for each gig so that I can quickly edit and send them :thinking:. I have made 7 templates for 7 gigs and they are about 90 to 150 word long :astonished:. I will not just copy paste them. I will personalize them by changing some words.

I know many of you will say that it can be only one sentence. I have seen that everyone just say that think like a buyer. If I were a buyer I would select the first person who’s gig is okay from the buyer request :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:. Then it’s necessary to send them quickly.

But the main problem is that is 90 to 150 character too long. Do buyer likes bigger request? If I were a buyer, I would at least read what is written there. What do you think? Please share your opinion.

Thank you,
Mahfuz Saim


I think that 150 characters is actually quite short.

I don’t write templates for them, but if you would, I would structure it like:

  1. Explain who you are and your experience (up to 50 characters)
  2. Explain that you have read their requirements (up to 30 characters)
  3. Tell them you have experience in that field, and weave their requirements in their too! (up to 60 characters)
  4. Explain your USP, and advantages of buying from you (up to 60 characters)
  5. Thank them for reviewing your offer, and tell them you hope to hear from them soon (up to 50 characters)

So, overall about 250 characters, and I would still add more details where possible.

Note: The character counts here are including spaces.


@jake_hopkins Oh! It was 80 to 150 words.

It might be better not to use a template at all with it. If it seems like a template to buyers they may not want to accept the offer. You could try both (sending some with and some without a template) and see which get accepted the most. It will probably be the one that isn’t the template I think. Though you could make it very customised to the request.

For how long the offer sent to a request should be - it will probably be dependent on how long the request is or how complex it is (the longer, more detailed the request, the longer the offer probably should be), as well as maybe anything you think they might have missed out on (eg. any limitations you want to add if they haven’t been specific enough).

Also if you’re unlevelled you shouldn’t make the offer so long that the request might disappear before yo finish typing it as some requests can disappear very quickly. So I’d keep it relatively short if possible, especially since you can’t format them/any formatting will be removed. So maybe 2 to 5 lines of text.


Both @jake_hopkins and @uk1000 have made some valid points. As it has already been said, I think it depends on how the buyer request is written: most likely a buyer who puts effort into describing their requirements very in-depth would find that a thorough, well-written offer might be what they’re looking for.

Yet, it’s a good idea to stay on-point, still covering all the relevant details for that specific request (while trying to avoid adding unnecessary information).


I don’t know whether it’s a good idea or not, I am sharing one buyer request. Please check: @jake_hopkins @uk1000 @mrs_write . Is it good enough to satisfy a buyer? What do you think?

Also if you can please share a sample pf how you send. If you don’t want to share publicly then you can message me.
Thank you

Hi there,
It is best that you keep the text short and straight to the point. People tend not to read big and elaborate sentences. So about 100 words will be perfect.


Many of our buyers don’t have time to read just to view so it’s better for it to be short like 100 words

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In the requirements was “And manage Facebook ads” but I don’t think anything about managing Facebook ads was mentioned in your offer.

Also it says the buyer’s budget was $20 and you offered $50. Maybe their budget was too low for what they were asking, but normally if you want to get an offer accepted you offer <= their budget.


Is the buyer request template okay?

It might be okay but maybe shorten it. The “you are at the right place” bit could probably be taken out (they’re reading your offer. They’re not at your gig page). The “500+ happy customers” bit - there’s no way for them to verify that. Also in your template offer are you offering at least as much as much as they could get if they purchased one of your gig packages directly? If so, that should be okay. Also saying “Hello, sir” at the start, if that’s part of the template, maybe change that as the buyer might not be male.

Though really offering unlimited revisions might not be a good idea (would you be okay doing 80 revisions for them?).


To be honest, I would’ve just scrolled your offer. It’s not bad but it’s not catchy. What I value as a buyer is questions. If seller is asking me questions that means that they really thought about my offer.
I don’t work in that field however I would’ve definitely have questions like “which platform do you want to use for your landing page, wix, square space etc? Which social media’s do they want to connect, is it only fb or also other platforms” etc etc.
(And you do need those questions to determine a scope of work especially for such a vague request. If you don’t ask questions it’s kind of weird)

To be honest I’m really confused by that buyer request. They are asking to build a landing page or are they asking to have a social media manager or do they need a leads generator? It’s three different jobs in my understanding :woman_shrugging:

Can you run fb ads for them? Can you promise them that the landing page that you will build will help them generate leads?
I see only a copy paste in your answer but no real thinking of that person needs.


And here you go topic with a real insight from a person who was trying to buy from BR

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Thank you for your reply. I face the main problem in graphic designing gigs. I tried many times by writing buyer request individually. After submitting, when I refresh 100+ requests are already submitted. I think most of them are copy paste. But will a buyer scroll and scroll for a good one? I think they will focus on their review and order them. For this reason I am thinking about template.
So where should I focus on? Better BR or quick sending. :confused::confused:

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I will scroll for a request that catches my eye.

Thanks ma’am. Will most of the buyers do the same? What do you think?

It is not for me to say what buyers will do and not do. Everyone is different! I can only speak from my experience. I read quickly, and I don’t want to waste my time.

Therefore, I will scroll quickly through the responses and first look for my keyword. (Many buyers use this these days: they ask you to mention a keyword or phrase in your response.)

If I don’t see my keyword - well, how can I trust you with my project if you can’t even do the one thing I asked for?

Say I find my keyword. Great! Now I am interested. I will read further and see if you understood my request and if there is a ‘connection.’

How to make that connection? That’s up to you, but I would like to see that you understood what I asked for and that you offered to meet my needs exactly. Something creative, out of the box, or something extra wouldn’t hurt, either.

A personalized, down to earth, original answer to every post. There you go.


I think the winning combination would be a convincing offer (showing that you have read their request and pointing out what you can offer them, as well as asking a few questions to better understand what they need) sent on the first day the request was published. Having a portfolio and great ratings/reviews on your gig also helps.


Thank you for your help. I will try my level best with your suggestions. May Allah save you all from COVID19 and keep safe.

WOW! WOW! A buyer has already messaged me. I have sent only 2 buyer requests. So 50% success. Just kidding. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: