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What is the best marketing strategy?

Hi there!

I offer Proofreading, editing and creative writing. I have just joined Fiverr…about 5 days ago and still have no requests. I am wondering if I failed to well polish my platform. I’ve set a low price ($5) and I am confused on whether it was a good idea or not…like maybe the low price does not prove quality? I would like to get some tips on promoting my Gigs without using social medias please…

Thank you!

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Hi @stepha07,

I wouldn’t recommend a price that’s too low. As you said, it doesn’t really prove quality. Additionally: Do you already use the “buyer requests”? You should contact the max. amount of buyers everyday. That’s how I got my first orders!

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Hello @translationsger ! Thank you very much, you are right! :slight_smile:

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There is no such thing as the “best marketing strategy” - as something, that might have worked for me, would never convert for you.

Taking me as an example. I am a graphic designer, and I can promote my services on Instagram a lot easier, than let’s say a person that does legal writing. In contrast, he can convert better by marketing himself on LinkedIn that I would. It’s all about finding the right tool, audience, and marketplace for promoting your services.

Other thing that comes to my mind, is for you to try the skill tests, as you said that you don’t want social media. They might work for you, try them, as they will showcase your skill on your profile as verified.

Maybe the best option would be for you to start watching some videos on Marketing. There are plenty of things on YouTube. :wink:


Hi @gig_freak !

Thank you very much for sharing your experience as I think it will surely help me !

With kind regards,

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I believe Landing Pages work best on Fiverr for lots of reasons.


HI, thank you ! :smiley: