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What is the best method to send offer

please guide me how send the offer to buyer.what is the right way to send offer in proper way .


If the buyer has messaged you, click the “Create an offer” button in the inbox/messaging system. If you’re in the buyer request section and seen a request you want to send an offer to, click the “send offer” button.


but i don’t understand how i reply you mean what is the proper way that i reply

Please search for this information. This question has been answered hundreds, if not thousands of times on the forum already. If you’re unsure of how to write a proposal, spend some time researching it here on the forum, as all the information you need is freely available.


i 'm new here, please tell me where i search this information. where hundred answer relate to my question

There is a magnifying glass in the top-right of the screen. Type your query in there, and you can begin to read through the search results, just like you would if you were researching something on Google. Good luck.


Much obliged to you direct me in most ideal manner i feel unwind.

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Next time I don’t see then I will trouble you again thank you once more

There is a magnifying glass. Click on that and it will open a search field. Enter the question you have and you’ll get the results.

Just like the majority of websites on the web, the Fiverr forum has a search function. All forums do. Please don’t use a forum unless you know how they work.

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thank you
all of you