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What is the best money withdrawal method?

Guys, what do you think about that? what is that? paypal ,Fiverr revenue card or bank transfer…? low tax method… I think Fiverr revenue card is the best withdrawal method. what’s your choice?

I don’t use it myself (yet) but if you get it now the Fiverr revenue card might be your best withdrawal option due to the $50 they currently promise to give you if you sign up and deposit more than $100.

Whatever you do though, don’t think whoohoo! $50! With the Fiverr revenue card you have top up charges, withdrawal fees, card inactivity fees and activation fees. In this case, I’m looking to sign up just because with the way I spend money, I think I can offset the fees for the year with the $50 sign up bonus. Then I’ll simply go back to paypal once I actually start paying for the privilege of using the card out of my own money.

I’d be interested though, if anyone knows if there are online transaction fees for payoneer? i.e. for booking things like flights and buying online. In so, this would put things in a different perspective for me.

I’m new for fiverr seller. so i haven’t experience about tax rates are less when using paypal? I’ll try it. thank you friend.

With Fiverr the tax you pay is the tax you declare to your relevant tax authority. Fees for transferring your earnings on the other hand vary between payment providers like paypal, payoneer etc. In this case, you need to look into each one and compare which is best for you.