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What is the best option to withdraw money from fiverr


i created my profile here at sep-2017. but i started working from last month and fiverr is too good for beginner like thing is that i earned some money in last month from fiverr. but i have no idea what a best option to withdraw money from fiverr. i mean paypal transfer or direct bank transfer.


When I used PayPal I was charged more for the transfer to my PP account than Payoneer charged for the direct bank transfer option.


you mean direct bank transfer is good option then pp. am i right?


Can you get a Payoneer card? You can withdraw your earnings for a dollar. Can’t really beat that.


Payoneer has charged me only one dollar for each bank transfer. I have transferred amounts from $50 to $200+ and they always charge $1.


I didn’t know bank transfer was also a $. Sounds like a good option, OP!


And I have wondered about the Payoneer card. Is it like a credit card?


Yeah, works exactly like a normal Mastercard. You pay a buck to load funds on to it, then away you go.

The Fiverr version of the card features art done by Fiverr artists, which is cool. Mine has a jungle scene printed on it.


A debit card. If you want your funds within 2 hours, you pay $3 per withdrawal, and if you’re okay with waiting 2-3 days, you pay $1. Then you can use it like any MasterCard, like @ahmwritingco said, to withdraw at ATMs or to pay for stuff wherever they accept a MasterCard (which is pretty much everywhere).


It is actually a mastercard but it functions much more a debit card.
I used payoneer card a lot and it’s accepted on many sites (even purchase services on fiverr). In case of emergency, you can withdraw money at any ATMs (with a certain fee plus exchange rate).
In short, it’s a good option. You should have one payoneer card.


I will suggest you Pioneer.


Do you mean Payoneer? :thinking:


Payoneer always the best option. If you don’t take a card then you can withdraw Fiverr to Payoneer & Payoneer to bank totally free.


I think it depends a bit on your location (country) but for me Payoneer works really well.
Once I have transferred money from Fiverr to my Payoneer account, it’s sitting there. I can do 2 things:

  • use the Payoneer prepaid MasterCard to purchase things in any place where they accept MasterCard (which is basically everywhere)
  • transfer the funds to my own bank account

transferring funds from Fiverr to Payoneer costs 1 or 3 USD, (1 usd: funds available in 2 business days, 3 USD, funds available within 2 hours).

I never did the math (including exchange rate differences), but I feel that Payoneer is less costly than PayPal in my case.


really i am appreciate with this kind of great response of users on forum.
thanks to all i got that solution for that.


I think Payoneer card is the


Yes, sorry for typo :slight_smile:


I do all my withdrawals as direct deposits into my checking account. Only $1 is taken out and my deposit is posted to my checking account in 2-3 business days. I don’t see myself doing it any other way!