What is the best possible way to getting order continue


Now it’s going a frustration time for me. I am seeking for job last two weeks. I have delivered my last order 14 days before. but still I cant find any new order. I got 5 star review from my last two works. My dear friends do you have any idea to getting order continue?


There really isn’t a way to get orders continuously. I had times where I didn’t get orders for 2 weeks as well. Just like in any business, sometimes you get tons of orders, and sometimes you get the dry-up periods.
Having that said, as long as your gigs are good and unique and you let people know about it, you’ll get orders. Maybe your gigs are in the competitive category.


Just keep your eyes on the buyer request section, that’s all I can say.


You made a good point friend. my gigs are unique and I put it in the right category as well.

Thank you


I always do that and seeking request which is related to my gigs.


I remember when i was on Level 1 i suffered from same situation and its very normal on fiverr to have periodic intervals between orders, Sometimes they goes up straightaway and sometimes complete dry, That happens because of ranking shifts, hopefully your gig will change its place and go higher in sometime however there are some things we can always do that in order to increase high ranking chances

Promoting your gig where people need services
Making a dedicated facebook page and regular updates on it
Showcase your work on other websites so people know you do what and where you do it

Be polite and Be professional enough to get best of the convert rate :slight_smile:


Thank you so much jhallawalla for sheering your wonderful experience with us. :slightly_smiling_face:


try to stay 24/7 fiverr


i am new an i am also waiting>


I believe to become a super expert in that category.Then you could do any task for any buyer