What is the Best resolution for uploading fiver gigs videos?


Hi I need to know about the best video resolution for fiver gigs? can anybody please tell me ?


1920 x 1080 work fine as well hope will working


You can upload them in 1280x720 or 1920x1080, with a high enough bitrate.

Though Fiverr re-encodes videos to 848x478 if they are 16:9 ratio (with square pixels, without letterbox bars). So you could try encoding directly to 848x478 to see if the quality is any better (through not having a re-encoding step). Maybe a comparison could be done on a video converted from 720p/1080p with one encoded directly at 478p (ie. maybe have a short scene in 2 gig videos that is the same for comparison, that is relevant to both videos).


Hi Thankyou for your help.It works perfect for me now.really thanks :slight_smile: