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What is the “Best seller” tag? Need guidance please

Hi everyone hope you all will be fine. I clicked on my profile today after many days and saw BEST SELLER tag on one of my gigs. Surprisingly,

  1. I have no order completed just one order is in queue (first order )
  2. My best seller gig is not optimized (normal gig)
  3. My gig link :
    After this tag i wanna edit my gig properly , please tell me how i can edit it or not. Any other suggestion would be highly appreciated.
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Best seller tag doesn’t NECESSARILY mean that your gig is actually among the best sellers in your respective category. It simply means that out of all your gigs, this is the one which has been sold the most. It’s best seller among all of your active gigs.

PS : When I saw the best seller tag on my profile after I made the first sale, I thought I have made myself a place in the company of leading sellers on this platform. After navigating the best selling section for more than 20 mins, my dreams got shattered when I found my gig is on 57th page of that category.


Thanks for sharing this information …heart_eyes

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