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What is the "Best seller" tag?

I just noticed in my gig there is showing a tag of “Best seller” when I open my profile…what does mean??


It is the gig you have with the most sales.


The best seller is not a new thing. It was on the right of your ‘about’ but its now with the gigs. Its basically means the gig which got the most sales and reviews.


but one of my colleague haven’t sell his gig yet then why it’s showing best seller? can you tell me please?


I am getting the same best seller tag , and haven’t completed the order , i think it is due to our first order that we have delivered from any of our gig :slight_smile:


i also got the Best seller tag today…
but i have a question…
are the client’s able to see my “Best seller” tag?


No, but the gigs that are shown to other users when viewing your profile probably have the best seller as the first in the list.


You haven’t made any sales :thinking:
I don’t see it either. Are you talking about a different account?

No… i am talking about this account…but i really don’t know that how i get…cause i really haven’t made any sell…but i orderd by client… :slight_smile:

You mean you have an active order from a buyer but you haven’t delivered it yet/it isn’t complete yet?

no…i orderd but i cancelled that…

You ordered someone else’s gig or one of your own? Ordering someone else’s gig shouldn’t affect what your gigs say (eg. whether one of your gigs says “best seller”).

i got ordered on my Data Entry Gig…but i were in offline 2 hours…then client submit a disput on me for not responding …so my order got cancellation


Okay thanks. So it wasn’t you who ordered.
Really they shouldn’t cancel just because someone is offline for a couple of hours. They should have put everything needed for the order in the requirements section.


I told to contact me before order…but they Direct order me…and in that day i were in some trouble…but after that Day i always try to be in online…
Because i belive it was a big lesson for me in this Worksite…

You are most welcome

i have only one gig.and i have got that tag after first order.i think to deliver the first order fast.this tag put on fiverr.Am i right mam?

I got an order in a gig. But in my profile another gig shown to be “Best Seller”. I am confused about it. I am not sure why it happened.

It means it is the best selling of all of YOUR gigs, not Fiverr gigs in general.

This has been explained in several places.


I have the same experience but i’m sure two things have caused this, since i never sell any of my gig:

  1. The gig with more “favourite”
  2. The gig that has more views
    Either of the two can make one of your gigs have the tag “BEST SELLER”.
    If you first sell a different gig, you will notice that, the one which you sell will have the tag " BEST SELLER".
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