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What is the best software in your opinion for graphic design?


I am just getting into graphic design and trying to figure out what the best software to invest in would be. Does anyone have preferences or opinions?


For 2D works I use the Adobe suite and for 3D I use Blender.


I think, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Effect, Full Adobe versions. You may use them and get create any graphic design.


All design softwares are the best. It depends on what you want to design and how. There are things i easily do in Illustrator than in Photoshop and some people would do the same thing on Corel Draw


Yeah I figured that would be a common response. Just figured I’d get some ideas from here than trying to sift through hundreds of reviews of each software. What one person likes another prefers something much superior.


mind, pen and paper.
I seen good design in MS paint and MS Word, and seen ugly design in Illustrator and 3dMax


This is what you Must need to have :slight_smile: Skills Required to Jump into a Career !


Most of designer using Photoshop and Illustrator,
And also it depends on requirement of graphic.


Doesn’t matter the software you used. Person who using it should be creative and well trained about the tools you have in the software first in order to get a nice clean output. If you know the basics of the raster you will able to handle any raster editor and get the work done. Same for the vector. So play with what ever you have and you will find all the software can become handy while you are working. Believe me even by using the MS paint you can create a stunning picture only if you have patient and the creativity.


Wow! This is fantastic @heather_Ruth!


I’ve always worked with the Adobe Suite.


If you have good skills it does not matter, you will create exceptional works anyway. But if want to work quickly Adobe is the best choice, most popular at least, but also very expensive. For vector graphic (logo, posters, flat design) Adobe Illustrator is great, for a raster graphic (image retouching, webdesign) - Photoshop is the best choice. There is also a good and very cheap competition: Affinity Design (vector) and Affinity Photo (raster) - you pay only once, not like with Adobe (monthly subscription).


Well. There is also the free ones like:
Vector 2D: Inkscape
Raster: Gimp
Vector 3D: Blender

Great sales!


You can start from adobe Photoshop I think


As many have already mentioned it depends on the user. I prefer pencil to paper any day but do dabble in digital especially since I’m picking it up again. I have used MS Paint, MS Picture It, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks, Flash and Photoshop. I’ve used the Adobe stuff because I didn’t know of any others.

Xara Creative Suite and Corel are some other options you can look into. There are also some open source software options available. Even with that said you don’t really need techie software to create graphic pieces and since you’re starting out, you can simply create items using pencil and paper.


Definitely. I actually got away with using MS Paint for an Illustrator course but the teacher couldn’t tell the difference.