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What is the best text message offer to buyer requests in Fiverr?

Hi everyone,

Please let me know what should be the best text message offer to buyer requests?

Moreover, can we add our Behance or FB link as a portfolio in the buyer request?? In order to show our recent work ??

What are the key points that should be in a minimal attractive and catchy text for buyer requests??

Your suggestions are really appreciated.


Need Suggestions:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

There is no “best.” You write personally to each buyer, what they’re looking for and how you can solve the problem they have expressed. There is no magic template that gets sales.


yes i also use custom template according to the buyer need usually…thanks for the response

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Here is a list of approved links:
Scroll to the bottom.


thank you very much for your response its really worth it…really appreciated…thanks


I suggest for you to finally read terms of service that you signed. It’s your second post where you are asking to do something that breaks fiverr rules.

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Hello Dear,
I follow this way and it really works for me. Here are some steps you need to take care of.

  1. First and foremost your request proposal should be clean and narrow. Nobody want’s to read a story. People don’t have time.
  2. You have to create the magic line at the very fast. If the buyer likes your first line there is a chance he/she can read your proposal.
  3. Don’t say you have done a lot of work or this and that because he/she don’t want to know that. Just try to say what he actually want.
  4. Highlight the MAIN WORDS. you probably notice I used caps letter. you can use these tricks that really work.
  5. Keep it simple, fresh and do suggest what is best for that project and then write them to contact you for further discussion.

Can you copy paste here any proposals of you. Please help me.

Copy pasting someone else’s proposals wouldn’t get you more orders. Clients hate canned responses and especially if everyone replying with the same message.


No, you can add as a portfolio in fiverr