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What is the best time to get fresh buyer requests


Let me know what is the best time to get fresh buyer requests


According to pakistan time its 11:40 am to 12:30 pm,calculate to your time by comparing


Whenever they are processed and added to the list. :wink:


Sorry! I didn’t get my answer.


No specific time! it depends on when they are accepted which is random.


7 am American time

this is good time


Thank you for your information @kha1ed


Thank you @backlinks_index for helping me.


I did provide an answer. It would seem that you just didn’t like what I told you. Which is odd, since kja1ed essentially told you the same thing, and you thanked him for his information. :wink:


Depends on your market. Check your world domination, see where most of your orders come from. The best time for you would then probably be the working hours (9 to 5) adjusted to the timezone of most of your buyers.


I’ve posted a number of buyer requests myself. Some of my requests were processed within an hour and some took almost half a day. So requests submitted between 9am-5pm might easily surface at 2am.
I can’t speak for others, but I usually way for 24 hours before I even look at the offers. Quite often the fastest offers are the worst. So checking for new requests 2-3 times a day should be enough.


That’s interesting, I would have though that buyer requests would be instantaneous. That’s the only explanation for the amount of sellers trying to sell on buyer requests. If they take so long to process, that’s just inexcusable.


I know, I was pissed about it as well because I needed someone to do a small task within 2-3 hours.
I still had to find a seller myself.

PS. I don’t think I used any “suspicious” words in my requests that would have raised a flag and required additional checking.


Thank you brother, but I didn’t mean any thing bad, I just want to know
exact time, but now i got some idea. Thanks again for your kind
information :blush:


I think when morning time in Europe and America.