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What is the best way for gig promotion for free


Is collecting gig and getting your gig collected a good and the right way for gig promotion ?

I have done everthing for the gig Im listing but not getting orders please guide


Reply to @maxwen: collected .


@hearsid I have collected your gigs, please collect mine… :-bd :-bd :-bd


HI Maxwen :collected your gig ,thanks for the reply :)>- :)>- :)>-


collected…please collect mine…



Plesase collected mine:


Reply to @graphic89: done ,your gig is nice seems it is gonna do good in future


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collected yours, please collect mine


I read one post were a gentleman promotes his gig at Craigslist. That is free advertising. The only problem is that you can only post so many of the same ads before they won’t allow you to post it anymore. There’s a way around it if you are able to change you URL or get people to your gig in another fashion.

I hope this will help.


Reply to @robthomas116: Thanks a lot ,I’m going to try my luck there .


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