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What is the best way of gig marketing?

I want to make marketing of my gigs. But what is the best way of marketing my gigs?


You can market your gig link in Facebook , Instagram and other social media platforms.

Make your profile attractive which buyers show interest in your gig.

Good Luck bro. :grinning:

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Syed Noman Ali


@ syednomanali7 that’s enough bro ? I also marketing various social media platform but still I have no order

Check this out: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here’s How - UPYOUR

If you create a outstanding gig with more research, then fiverr ownself promote your gig to your expected clients. Research on Keyword, gig image, description, using keyword smartly in description and also title.


Kindly keep trying, one day you will succeed just to promote your link to your friends too and approach another platform also. don`t be Dishearten keep trying.

wish you all the best bro.

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Noman :grinning:

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By learning marketing.

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