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What is the best way to deliver the order


as per my opinion and experience, I m suggesting bellowing ways to deliver the order.

  1. Don’t submit the final order delivery without asking the client,
  2. Before the final delivery, we have to update about the working progress,
  3. If the order is unsatisfied, please do not try to argue with the client please try to make the delivery better
    4.if you have done a remote work, please update every single step via screenshots.
    5.if some times client need some revisions but if you feel you need to do that for 5 bucks or more, DON’T Do IT! try to give it free.



In my case … By hand :joy:

Thanks for your valuable suggestion .


Well, honestly I have to disagree with this. I see you have only 5 ratings and an average of 4.8 stars. I’m sorry, but to trust someone, 5 rated orders isn’t enough (at least for me).

  1. I always deliver without asking the client. If I know I did I good job, I’ll deliver as soon as possible. Many times clients doesn’t answer in time and you could get your stats impaired.

  2. You don’t need to update the working progress, unless it takes too long. If your client have agreed with the delivering time, you don’t need to explain how it’s going. Unless it starts to get late.

  3. Many times the clients are unsatisfied for different reasons. Only deliver it better again if you think you could have done better or if you made some mistakes.

  4. Again, you don’t need to update all steps. If you are inside the ordered time, you don’t need to lose time with this, only if you exceeded this time.

  5. Never do this. If the clients need revisions that demand more work than the initial agreement, NEVER GIVE FOR FREE. You have done a job and you need to be paid for this. If the clients want for for free, then they are in the wrong place.

I’m saying all this based on my experience. I have more than 9300 completed orders, with an average of 5.0 stars.

My suggestion, if you do/did a good job, you don’t have to do such things. Most of abusive buyers demand such things, you don’t need to be “abused” by yourself too.

Just do a good job, and don’t diminish yourself to make everything to make a client happy. It will already be naturally done.

If you want to build a good reputation at fiverr you will need to push a little harder at the beginning, but please, don’t forget, sellers are here to work, not to please buyers at any cost. If you did a good work, clients will always (or almost always) be happy.


that because i offers lot things free.