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What is the best way to find new buyers?

Hi, I am not new to fiverr. I have made 9 sales But now I can not find new buyer. I have worked with buyers with 100% Satisfaction. Please help me to do more sales.

Why would you want to find buyers? That isn’t how it works. They find you.

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I understand, But I have rating in my gigs but its been days, now new buyers contacted me

You mean you want buyers to discover you, not you to find them.

“Find” means you are looking and implies seeking to influence their purchase.

You need to work on your English. I can barely understand you.

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Oh, I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Can you give me tips so I can improve my gigs?

Improve your English.

Educate yourself about business.

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I have a good knowledge in English, I was not just typing carefully.