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What is the best way to get a offer


I’m a new seller…still i don’t get any order…So what is the best way to get a offer please help me.


You are a new seller with no orders and your gig says:
Why choose me?
More than 2500 perfect reviews!

Perhaps a reason why you haven’t been chosen.


It’s a paradox! :slight_smile:


Do you have 2 or 12 years of experience?


Yep i’ve 5 years experience


So please mention how can i do better…?


Even if you have 5 years of experience, how does that translate into more than 2500 perfect reviews if you don’t have any reviews?


Because i’m new here in Fiverr


Yes, I know. So where do the 2500 perfect reviews come from?


Let it be…Please help me to get order and say how i’ll do that?


@alexovi Since the other users pointed out the eyebrow-raising obvious. :hushed: Keep in mind that potential Buyers could also be reading. Your false claims of years experience and reviews could leave an awful taste in Buyers mouths. Buyers could easily assume that you’ve copied another successful Seller’s description.

Proofread your profile and gig descriptions. Be truthful with your experience and all dat :saxophone: jazz.

I love to makeGraphics & Desiging ( Photoshop & illustrator).All time i think about how can make a different , unique and quality Logo with professional moode and i’ve 3 years more experience
Okay Just let give me a chance to do your work well.
I’m 24/7 ready to do your work…THANK YOU…


I visited your profile and could not find a single one of the “2500 perfect reviews” that you have. I think that’s the problem.


Yep you are right…and i’m not wrong too.Because I started working on designing 5 years ago.But in the middle of 2 years was gap and then again start.


Considering that the gig descriptions are copied from other sites, I’d say OP forgot to change it :slight_smile:


Okie Dokie, I understand things happen. However, can you explain the 2500 reviews thingy? Looking forward to your response. :coffee:


Hey i don’t have a single review…So why do you ask me that?


Thank You…
But i make it own…
Please do suggest me other things


So did you borrow the description? :thinking:
Misleading Buyers this way is a shady practice.

Exhibit A


Because it’s in your description. Gosh, you could at least give it a read while you’re “making it your own”.


Why are you lying? What’s the point of that?