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What is the best way to get a offer


Yep you are right…and i’m not wrong too.Because I started working on designing 5 years ago.But in the middle of 2 years was gap and then again start.


Considering that the gig descriptions are copied from other sites, I’d say OP forgot to change it :slight_smile:


Okie Dokie, I understand things happen. However, can you explain the 2500 reviews thingy? Looking forward to your response. :coffee:


Hey i don’t have a single review…So why do you ask me that?


Thank You…
But i make it own…
Please do suggest me other things


So did you borrow the description? :thinking:
Misleading Buyers this way is a shady practice.

Exhibit A


Because it’s in your description. Gosh, you could at least give it a read while you’re “making it your own”.


Why are you lying? What’s the point of that?


Thank You .!! i didn’t notice it…


The best way to get an offer: write your own gig descriptions and don’t pretend to be like someone else who has way more reviews.


Yep thank You dear…and please do suggest me others things…How i do well on Fiverr?


You know what if you can own it and say.

“Yeah. Nika, I copied the description it was a mistake and I’ll never do it again.”

I’ll give you kudos and maybe offer suggestions if you can do that. Everyone makes mistakes and learn from them. Are you up for the challenge?

Its 5 months and i got 1 order and that too got no review because he is not online since i delivered

Yep i’m up for the Challenge!!!


Wonderful! :tada:

Read my post again it tells you how you can redeem yourself. Awaiting your response. :slight_smile:


Write your own gig descriptions first. As of now, you basically don’t have anything there that is useable.


Suggest you take up the @nikavoice challenge!


I want to make sure I understand what is happening here: The OP:

a. blatantly copied another seller’s Gig description;
b. stands by (or blatantly ignores anyone challenging) the fact that she/he claims to have 2,500 perfect reviews for her/his Gig, despite having… literally none; and
c. used that dreaded four - letter word in a seemingly condescending manner.


I hope for her/his sake that she/he is.


Hey Nika…
So Now what to do?


Copied from above.

The challenge is below :arrow_down:



Don’t give any false 'statement into your gigs. The buyer can easily know that you are new and you don’t have 2500 reviews. So, my suggestion is to make your gig perfect. (cut that words reviews from your gig)