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What is the best way to get gig impressions and orders? Looking forward to everyone's comments :)

Hi! There,

I’m drawing everyone’s attention. I want everyone’s suggestion that I have three gigs in my seller profile, but my gigs are not being impressed, there is no order, there are some clicks. I don’t understand where the problem is, as far as I’m concerned the gigs have been given the right way. But you can check a little? Whether there is a problem with my profile or gigs. Please…

My Profile Link:** fahimsayem | Logo Design | Fiverr

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U should add video in your gig and also rank your gig in lowest competition words.

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Thank you so much for Advice and Comment.

Have you read this yet?

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Add a video to your gig, make sure that your SEO is good and share your gigs across different social media platforms. social media platforms are a great way to bring traffic and increase gig impressions and convert the traffic into potential buyers.

You can also send custom offers. Remember great communication is the key to become successful in fiverr.

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I am recently many social gigs marketing. But, no impression, no click. no order.