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What is the best way to get orders for a new GIG?

Hello Everyone !! Greetings

I have created my first GIG and this is my GIG

Now I want to know the best way to get orders for a new GIG.

Only proper buyer request enough or need promoting in social networks as much as I can ?

And last request is please check my GIG and advise me if any improvement need.


There is no “best way.” It’s subjective.

And if you want suggestions for getting orders, why not search the forum? Literally thousands of people ask this question so there are loads of answers.

You won’t sell by trying to find a quick fix and avoiding research.


Yes, I think you should promote your gig in social networks.

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What the…

First, you are not my daughter.

Second, look it up. I’m not repeating things just because you don’t want to research.

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i know am not your daughter but i dont know what happen i dont get order all this while

Welcome to the forum.

Your profile says you’re an award winning marketer with a PhD in digital marketing. If you can’t diagnose the problem, what makes you think we can?

(By the way, it’s best to create your own thread when you need help. The mods prefer that.)


Why did you say you’ll be my daughter? What does that even mean? :joy:

I’ve already explained literally hundreds of times in the forum why sales don’t happen and how to change that. Research, learn how sales works and stop hijacking other people’s threads.


@masters_duty17 This is spamming the forum and will get you into trouble with the moderators.

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thank you very much i appreciate

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