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What is the best way to learn how Friverr works

Hi there!

I’m new here and I still find everything very confusing. I’ve watched all the videos, browsed around some sellers, created my first gig, explored the app, and searched for questions that I had on the forum. However, I still find everything overwhelming and confusing. Is so hard to get answers to some very specific questions we might have! I already created a post for one of the questions I had and I got some answers. I would love to hear from you some suggestions on how to learn how to better use friverr so I start making some money.


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This will help you: get off to a great start on Fiverr.

Also check the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Once you learn how Fiverr works then check:
for how to get orders.

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Thanks for the Help!

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