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What is the best way to prevent chargebacks?

I have the feeling that you are constantly disadvantaged as a seller on Fiverr. To a certain extent, that is understandable or one learns to deal with it. However, I have recently learned that things are happening on this platform that are unacceptable.


Short info: We create animated music videos and our prices are in a range from 200-500$ per project. To protect us from theft-cancellations, we only send HD previews with a large watermark that can not be deleted. Only when the customer receives the final preview and confirms that everything is OK and he is satisfied, he receives the video as a final delivery.
So far this has worked great and we did not have any problems anymore. Until I got my first experience with chargebacks…

The customer confirmed that everything is alright, he received his video and marked the order as complete. A few hours later I get the message that the order has been canceled and the money has been automatically returned. The user’s profile was now deactivated. With a bad foreboding and some research preliminary work, I contacted the customer support, who of course only sent me the usual template response and closed the ticket. Since this is not a small amount of money and I can not just get rid of, I continued to ask about the case.

The “customer” has filled out a form at paypal to get his money back. Fiverr and the support can do nothing, no matter how much evidence I provide and I can not contact paypal either. Worst of all, customer support said that “nothing more would be done in this case to prevent further damage.”

I beg your pardon?

  • “Customer” has already stolen the video
  • “Customer” has returned the money back
  • I wasted several working days and lifetime for nothing
  • It immediately had a negative impact on my cancellation rate

The damage IS DONE! Unfortunately that does not seem to interest anyone.

So in the worst case, five customers will fill out this form to get their money back in two months and I’m sitting on a negative balance of -2,000$ afterwards? This is how it’s supposed to work from now?

My question is - how can you prevent this from happening? I read about creating several small custom offers. But we do have many requests and orders per week. I can not open 5 small custom offers for each of 5 or more projects at the same time, running 25 small custom offers in the end. This is also a pain for every honest customer we do have.

Has anyone of you gained experience with the new milestones? Can one protect oneself with the creation of milestones from this fraud? But what if a customer buys directly from the gig page?

Or can that happen as well with the milestones and as a seller, we just have to live with it, that something like that will happen again and again?

I would be very grateful for any advice or experience you can share with me.

Thank you very much!


Similar happened to me. I was expecting fiverr to protect freelancers. Now asked them who will compansate my 23 hours loss.

I am freelancing not gambling


I am really sorry about what happend to you. It is very sad Fiverr is not taking time even to communicate with you properly.

Very good protection for clients. freelancers has to accept whatever fiverr delivers.
And still they cut 20% of freelancer earnings
Is this fair?

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Why can you not contact PayPal? Have you tried calling them?
I have been selling on through PayPal on other platforms and have had very good results settling chargeback issues. It is time consuming, but if you have email evidence that the client was satisfied and that your delivered the product, they will usually settle in your favor.

Answer from the customer support:

Thank you for the follow up. Unfortunately, you are not able to contact Paypal regarding another users dispute. Paypal would not even consider it because the user is “their” Customer, not us and not yourself.

Any person that has a Paypal or Credit card has the ability to contact their Financial Institution and dispute a payment they made to anyone, even yourself. This is unfortunate, however, our hands are tied.

Fiverr won’t give me private details of the customer. I only have an username and the user himself is already banned and can’t be contacted. Also I read that you might get in trouble (as seller) if you contact PayPal about a dispute - but I’m not a 100% sure about that. In the end they will even ban my account or similar :/. I asked them if I can contact PayPal by myself to provide evidence but that’s the answer I got.